Lorna Brown is a local artist based in Shipham, Somerset. She studied BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting at university and has more recently been working as a children’s book illustrator. Her passion for sculpture began many years ago when she did a study of cows and was fascinated by the way they were able to contort their bodies to scratch and groom each other. Her work as an animal therapist has fuelled her interest in such things and given her an in-depth knowledge of form and biomechanics.
Over the years she has made various pieces in many different materials but has recently discovered the acrylic resin used in her current work. This medium when combined with different fibres, metals and wire lends itself perfectly to the dynamic subject of her sculptures and means that every piece is unique due to the nature of the materials used. The uncertain outcome of the different fibres, as they are stretched and manipulated over the static framework, enables her to instil energy and movement into each piece, capturing the integrity of the subject and of a fleeting moment in time.

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